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Big budget blockbusters are fun, they are. There’s nothing like watching someone with a red cape flying around on the screen, making you believe a man can fly. But then, there are also movies with a very low budget, yet they do manage to reach out to your heart. If you’re a fan of short indie films, I don’t know why you haven’t heard about Viddsee before. Viddsee’s curated collection of short films has entertained the most passionate indie movie fans for a while now. The app specializes in showcasing the works of independent filmmakers based out of Asia.

We’re not talking about cinema length flicks but 5, 10, 15 minute long films. Viddsee delivers new films daily, spanning genres like eventful romance, drama, extreme horror, documentary and attractive comedy, and also serves up titles that adeptly address adolescence, sexuality, and vital women’s issues. These films fit right into a commute to work, or just filling idle time. The service is available to users globally via Android and iOS apps as well as desktop and mobile websites.

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Viddsee features offline playback, weekly curation, English subtitles, and playlist queuing. Offline tracks begin to automatically sync once the device is connected to a Wi-Fi connection. Users can quickly sign-in using their Facebook accounts. Once past the sign-in page, you can quickly select some topics that interest you and the app creates a personalized feed based on it.

And that’s pretty much all you have to do to start watching already. The feed section is divided into two tabs: Read and Watch. Under the Read tab, you can tap on a title and read a little something about it before you decide to go ahead and watch it. Under the Watch section, well, you tap on a title and you can start watching right away. There is a small description below the videos in a YouTube-style format. Here’s a list of features as officially listed on Viddsee’s Play Store page.

  • Viddsee adds new short films and stories every day. Browse the latest and trending short films.
  • Receive specially curated weekly films just for you
  • Join into conversations with our active story-loving community
  • Queue your favorite short films to watch them later on desktop or mobile
  • Download your favorite short films for offline viewing
  • All short films contain English subtitles


Watch New Short Indie Films Daily With Viddsee Android App

For an app that just wants to show you short indie films, Viddsee requests for quite a lot of permissions. Many of these don’t really make sense at first but the developers were awesome enough to explain why the app needed each permission.

  • Storage – This is required for you to save the films for offline playback.
  • run at startup & view network connections – Required for automatic downloading of offline films when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Therefore also helps save data while watching films.
  • find accounts on the device – This permission facilitates a faster Facebook login.
  • set an alarm – this is required for notifications to remind you of new films every Thursday (can be turned off in the app settings)
  • prevent phone from sleeping – This helps the app keep the screen on while you’re watching a film.


In this day and age, there is no lack of video streaming platforms. From casual to professional YouTube videos to movie streaming services and things like Netflix originals. It is a good time to be an independent filmmaker apparently. Viddsee still manages to stand out differently than the rest, creating its own niche following. The curated selection of films is good enough but it’s not for everybody. Even if you do like short indie films, most of the films available are of south-east Asian origin, and not in English. There are English subtitles for every film. But if that’s not your thing you might have a hard time enjoying.

Nevertheless, there’s no harm in trying out the app considering it is available for a cheap price of totally free.

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