Use Your Android Phone as a CCTV Monitor
Use Your Android Phone as a CCTV Monitor

People these days spend a lot of money on security. Especially people with a newborn baby or someone who travels a lot are more concerned about security than anyone else and they often tend to install CCTV or security cameras around their house to make sure everything and everyone is safe.

But most of them fail to notice the fact that they have a high-powered and an extremely smart device with them at all times which is perfectly capable of acting as a security camera or a CCTV monitor.

Yes, I am talking about your smartphone and if you, by any chance happen to own an older smartphone or an extra one, then you can turn that into a CCTV monitor to closely watch your surroundings when you are not home.

Also, using your Android phone as a CCTV monitor has a lot of advantages over traditional monitoring systems. For starters, it is completely free of cost and you do not have to do any additional work or install extra hardware components for it to work.

The best thing is you carry your smartphone with you at all times, which means you can monitor the CCTV camera or get alerts from anywhere.

Here is how to use your Android phone as A CCTV monitor and don’t worry it is as simple as installing an app with only a few additional steps.

Make sure your other Android phone, old or additional is in working condition and is connected to a WiFi network before proceeding further.

Step 1:

Download Install the Alfred DIY CCTV Home Security Camera on the phone from which you want to monitor your house or any other location.

Alfred Home Security Camera Price: Free

Step 2:

Now install the same app on your secondary Android phone which you will be using as the CCTC Monitor.

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Step 3:

Now open the app on both the phones and then select the Viewer option on one and the Camera option on the other and click Next.

Step 4:

You have to now sign into the same Google account on both of these devices to make sure they are synchronized properly.

cctv monitor

Step 5:

Once you are logged in, the device which you selected as the camera will now start monitoring your surroundings.

Step 6:

You can now use your other Android phone to select the other device to view a live feed of what the camera is recording.

That’s it. You can now Use Your Android Phone As A CCTV Monitor and there are also a few interesting features that come with the app besides monitoring.

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You can record whenever you want to save a video to view it later or share it with someone, use the flashlight or Infrared camera setting to monitor your kid or use it at night.

If you buy the pro version, you also get an HD quality monitoring and access to the web app.

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