The S-Health is a versatile fitness app and, to be honest, it’s the only system app to come with Samsung Galaxy devices that I love. However, there are times when you have to choose between two things you love. Actually, I am talking about root privilege on a Samsung device and the S-Health app.

You must be aware that S-Health app (version 5.0 and above) doesn’t work on any Samsung Galaxy device if it’s rooted or the KNOX Warranty void counter is tripped. You get a popup saying: “Unable to open app: Your device has been compromised. S Health versions 5.0 and above are not available on compromised devices.”

S-Health App on Rooted Samsung Devices

Your Samsung phone must be running on the stock firmware if you want to enjoy this app. Since root access and TWRP recovery are more useful than S-Health, I rooted my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and started using 3rd-party fitness apps. Fortunately, there’s an easy workaround available now that allows you to use S-Health app on rooted Samsung devices with tripped KNOX counter.

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Isn’t it a good news? Having both the worlds in your grip! So, having followed the instructions provided below, you can root and the S-Health app both.

Steps to Use S-Health App on Rooted Samsung Devices

  1. Download a root file browser like Root Browser, Root Explorer, or ES File Explorer on your Samsung Galaxy device. In my case, I used Root Browser.
  2. Open the root file manager you installed on your phone and grant it root permission if prompted.
  3. Now go to the /system folder and open it.
  4. Look for a file named build.prop and tap it to open.
  5. Now look for the following entry in the build.prop.
  6. Change the numerical value for this entry from “1” to “0” as shown below:S-Health App on Rooted Samsung Devices
  7. Now tap the Save icon on the top-left corner of the screen to save the changes.
  8. Exit the root file explorer app and then reboot your phone.
  9. When your phone boots up, open the S-Health app. It should now launch normally.

Enjoy! Below are some screenshots as a proof to show you that the trick works fine.

S-Health App on Rooted Samsung Devices

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      • Hello, have the same issue, i have the stock firmware now, so my devices it’s not rooted anymore. Although it was that’s wh i cannot use samsung pay or SHealth anymore. I even tried build.prop editor but didnt work, any advice?

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