Just a few years back motion and gesture control sounded like things of fantasy and sci-fi movies where characters perform wondrous tasks just by moving their hands. With new advancements being introduced in modern technology, impossible things have begun turning into realities. Whether it be the Microsoft Kinect, XBox motion gaming console, or even a newer innovation like LeapMotion, gesture technology is now being used in every walk of our lives.

The technology of controlling a smartphone without touching it was first introduced by Samsung in the Galaxy Note 2. The feature was dubbed as Air View and needed S Pen to be used. With the launch of the Galaxy S4, the Korean OEM hopped further by introducing a range of touchless control features like Air View and Air Gesture in a more refined form. To achieve these functionalities, Samsung has used Proximity and Gesture sensors (there are 9 sensors in total).

Proximity, Gyro and Magnetic are the three commonest sensors found on most modern Android devices and our developers intelligently take advantage of them while developing new apps. If you have been following us for quite some time, you must have seen covering various apps like Cover Algorithm, Hovering Controls, Air Call-Accept, etc. that utilize proximity sensor to control your device using air gestures.


The app in discussion today is called Magic Unlock and does what its very name alludes, though it uses not any magic but the proximity sensor of your device. It works when you hover your hand over the sensor. The point to be noted, however, is that the magic works conditionally and that is your device’s screen must be ON before you perform the gesture.

Also, the performance depends on the sensitivity of the proximity sensor. I tested the app on Galaxy S3, S4 and HTC One. While it worked like a charm on both the Galaxy devices due to powerful sensors, on HTC One, I had to actually rub my hand on the sensor to unlock the phone. Another thing that you must pay attention to get the app working properly for you is to disable lock-screen security first. Magic Unlock offers you to make a choice among 3 priority levels and works best in Medium to High priority.

If you are interested in this interesting app that imparts magic to your hand, download it from the Play Store.

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