Every year Huawei releases plenty of devices, but only a few are successful. The P9 Lite as the name suggests is not a flagship phone rather it’s a downsized or let’s say a cheaper version of the hugely successful P9. It’s become a thing for Huawei now to release Lite versions of specific phones and we are okay with that. Mainly because the Lite versions are a great bang for the buck.

The P9 Lite as expected offers exceptional build quality along with great performance. Long story cut short it’s more than just a decent phone and perfect for everyday use.

This year’s P9 Lite had me blown away after I saw what this affordable device had to offers. We have a 1080p display, 4G LTE, and even a fingerprint sensor. Along with that Huawei was kind enough to provide a 3000 mAH battery and an 8 MP front camera for all your selfie needs. These are the features that need to be praised considering the affordability.


Unlocking the bootloader will factory reset your phone. All your data will be deleted. It is advised to backup all your data. Also, we are not responsible if something goes wrong in the process. 

So Let’s get Started


Done with all that? Let’s begin

Unlocking the Bootloader

Step 1: Go to this site. Accept the agreement and make a Profile.

Step 2: Fill the form and you’ll have your code in a couple secs. If you get some weird error telling you to wait 14 days well you need to wait then and then fill the form again.

Step 3: Let’s assume you have the code save it somewhere safe.

Step 4: Connect your device to your PC.

Step 5: Go to the folder where you extracted the zip and run maf32.exe.

Step 6: Type the following command. It should ask for permissions on your device. Grant them. Make sure to check always allow from this PC.

adb devices

Step 7: Type the following command:

adb reboot bootloader

Step 8: Wait until Windows install the driver and then type:

fastboot oem unlock xxxxxxxxxxxxx

(here ‘x’ is your unlock code)

Voila! You have successfully unlocked your bootloader. Now reboot your phone.

Installing TWRP

Once the phone resets and boots we can continue the process.

Step 1: Type the following command:

fastboot flash recovery xx.img

here replace xx with the name of the image file.

Step 2: Reboot your phone.

Root P9 Lite

Step 1: Copy the SuperSU zip as that you’ll find inside the zip extracted before. Paste this SuperSU zip to the root of your device’s internal storage.

Step 2: Type the following command

adb reboot recovery

Step 3: Go to Install>Choose Zip> SuperSU.zip.

Step 4: Slide to confirm and let the process finish.

Step 5: Reboot.

You have successfully rooted your phone. Enjoy and let us know if you ran into any trouble in the comments section.


  1. Yes, actually, I’m sorry for not posting this earlier, I just removed the SIM-card, and rebooted by holding down the power button, and it went into normal boot.
    At this point I opened eRecovery in my panic, but just selected reboot and it booted normally. Hope this works for you too!

  2. Hi, I have a problem: after rebooting into recovery mode, my phone seems to be stuck at the boot screen that says “Your device is unlocked …. Your device is booting now…”, how can I fix this?

  3. i got “FAILED (remote: Command not allowed)” on the bootloader unlock. Please can anyone help me?

  4. I got it working, thanks! I’m new to rooting so I’m not sure what it does. I am trying to unlock the lte bands that are needed to connect to north american networks.

  5. Make sure to launch command prompt from inside the “Huawei-P9-Lite-Twrp-Root” folder.

    Open “Huawei-P9-Lite-Twrp-Root” folder and then press Shift key+right-click on your mouse, then select “Open command window here”.

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