Puzzle games are quite a popular category that everyone loves. It is my favorite category in mobile gaming as it trains my brain while having fun, makes me feel successful as levels are easy (and tricky) to complete, and these kind of games are generally short in length so I can complete the whole game quickly and without getting bored. And when I find a puzzle game that has a minimalist interface, I’m simply bound to play that game.

When I downloaded Ultraflow my expectations were quite low (as always). I thought of it as just another puzzle game. But after playing the game for few days, I realized that it slowly grows on you. And it’s free of any ads and in app purchase, so that’s a plus point (there is a donate option though).

Ultraflow has a very straightforward gameplay- there are two circles, one is small and another one is big, your goal is to move the smaller circle into the bigger circle. To get the ball moving, just flick it in the direction you want it to go with your finger. It might look easy but it’s not as you get limited number of bounces which vary from level to level. Once you run out of bounces the smaller circle will explode causing you to restart again. Since this game is about your agility and smoothness, some levels will need you to move quickly due to moving obstacles.

As you make progress in the game, difficulty level will increase and new elements like arrows or rectangles will be added. This makes every level unique. Each new element adds a layer of difficulty to the game, and keeps the levels fresh and interesting. For example, arrows make the ball move extremely fast when traveling along them and they could also push you in any direction while the rectangles can slow you down as you travel over them.

In case you are stuck on some level for long, arrows will show up guiding you to the direction in which you have to bounce the circle. There are no points in this game and no time to rush you so you can take your own time to complete each level.

Ultraflow has got quite high graphics (not super duper high). Every stage has it’s own color scheme to it which makes it feel fresh and brand new every time. The visuals in the game are simple, clean, and flat. This gives a complete minimalistic experience. Colors in the game are soft and are used very wisely as the colors contrast nicely with the darker background. The game consists of basic shapes and the animations are smooth and fluid. Especially when the ball touches any obstacle and mini triangles begin to get thrown from the ball or when you fail to put the ball into the whole and it explodes. Looks cool.

The soundtrack is great too. It’s relaxing and soothing to ears. Earphones are recommended to enjoy the sound to the fullest.

Final Verdict

I’m very much impressed by Ultraflow as it is free, without ads and in-app purchase. Another admirable thing about the game is the fact that it was made by a team of five students in the time span of six months. This is a game that I would have paid money for, so I’m a bit amazed that something full of quality is available for free.

Pros: Ad free, no in app purchase, good soundtrack, fun and easy gameplay.

Cons: Only 99 levels

Have fun!

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