Everyone loves puzzle games. They are fun, addictive, and challenging enough to force you to use your brain a little. They are like a simple workout for your brain.

Over the year, we have seen many puzzle games make their way in the Google play store. One such game was Rymdkapsel, by Grapefrukt games, which is a minimal real-time strategy game and was launched in 2013. It was a huge success and received praises of many strategy game lovers. Now the gang is back with a new game, a number puzzler called Twofold Inc.


Twofold Inc. is a difficult game. It’s really difficult. It will force you to run your brain almost all the time. I’ll go ahead and say that it’s not for those who think Candy Crush is the best game ever for Android (no offense, though). Twofold Inc. is for those hardcore puzzle gamers who can really get serious with the game.

In Twofold Inc.,grey you get a minimal graphics with a grid of colorful tiles. These tiles are divided into four colors – whigray?), yellow, red, and blue (cyan?). Anyway, different values have been assigned to different colors. Your primary task is to connect those tiles via a single swipe in a way that the number or “request” given by a cute-looking robot is fulfilled. Different requests will require different combinations.


Let me clarify – when the game starts, you get a request from a robot. These requests involve a color and a number. For example, 16 blue. In order to fulfill the request, you’ll have to connect those colored tiles. One block is worth 2 and each connection doubles the value. So it goes something like this – 2,4,8,16,32, and so on. Hence to clear 16 blue tiles you’ll need to connect 4 blue tiles in a single swipe.


You need to complete your requests in a set number of moves. Take too long and you’ll start losing lives. Lose four lives and its game over.

For some convenience, you can slide blocks horizontally and vertically. But know that each slide reduces one move from your given number of moves.


I know the game sounds a bit complex than your usual puzzle games and I told you so in the beginning of this article. Twofold Inc. will take some getting used to but once you get a hang of it, you’ll really begin to love its simple graphics, smooth animations, and wonderful soundtrack. It’s one of those games that sounds real hard, starts off simple, becomes hard to master, and then get you completely hooked. It’s a complete package and you get an amazing mesmerizing experience for the cost.

twofold inc. Price: $3.99

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