The Transparent Glass theme for MIUI V4, as the very name suggests, revamps the user interface of your Android phone with MIUI ROM installed on it. In fact, it is just a partial theme that touches and retouches certain elements of UI framework and turns them into a things of beauty. Do not expect a complete overhaul but some nice glassy effects here and there.

As you can see, you will see frosty glass effect in the phone, contacts, music, notification panel, settings interface and messaging apps. The whole theme consists of  just 3.64 MB yet it delivers much. There are no icon packs or customized lockscreen, yet we recommend that you try it once. The theme has been made by the MIUI theme development group.

Download the theme and copy the mtz to MIUI/Theme folder on your phone and apply from Themes app.

Download: Transparent Glass MIUI V4.mtz



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