Almost a year and half back, OnePlus One has made a lot of buzz and instantly attracted a lot of attention from the Android enthusiasts. When it comes to the OnePlus 2 which was launched recently, the expectation were quite high. Although I was a bit disappointed with the OnePlus 2 for the lack of NFC, USB 3.0 and few important aspects, the device is more than decent for a price tag $389 for 64 GB variant. Another set back is that OnePlus is still continuing the invite system to sell the OnePlus 2 which annoys many users.

Catering OnePlus 2 to an exponentially large community is quite hard and will surely set more challenges to the OnePlus team. As a result, we still have to book our device using the invite system but it’s a lot better when compared to OnePlus One invites. Carl Pei, the CEO of OnePlus has promised a large quantity of invites and a smooth process to rotate the invites this year and they lived up to it for some extent. Moreover, referring your friends o buy OnePlus 2 would certainly help you to get an early invite.

Many of you might have already booked your invite and you might also know that you can track your invite status at OnePlus invite page. XDA developer maxado_zdl has simplified the process of checking the invite and sharing the referral link much easier by making an invite tracker app which helps you track the invite status simply by a button click. It also shows the number of referrals you have made and you can also share the referral link just by a button tap. The best part is that the app automatically checks for the position and pops up a notification whenever your invite position changes.

Download the OnePlus 2 Invite Tracker app from the download link below and follow the below instructions to use it.

How to track your OnePlus 2 Invite Status

  1. Download the Invite tracker app from the above download link and install it on your device.
  2. Open the app and tap on the menu icon (3 vertical dots) at top right corner of the app and select Configure User Id.
  3. A configuration popup will appear on the screen. If you have already registered with your Email ID, then enter the user ID and click on the Confirm button. If you don’t know your user Id, open the OnePlus Invite page and enter you Email address, it will show the referral link as below.*****=xxxxxx

    The user Id is the last string (denoted by xxxxxx above) after the ‘=’ sign in the above URL.

  4. If you haven’t registered yet, select the Register Email option, enter your Email address and tap on the Count Me In option. Once you get the referral code, follow the above procedure to configure the user Id.
  5. Once configures, your position in the invite list will appear along with the number of referrals. You can share your referral with your friends using the share button.

That’s it. Let us know if you found the app useful to track your OnePlus 2 invite.

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