Undoubtedly, keeping up with the technological advancements is practically impossible in this day and age. Luckily, however, there are plenty of applications dedicated to helping us keep up with our interests.

Whether you like to know about the exploding Note 7, or keep up with what’s going on in the smartphone market, the applications presented below will make your cause easier.

1.Appy Geek

Sorry, this app is not available!

A general news application with an intuitive UI and beautiful transition animations. When you sign up for the first time, you are prompted to choose your desired sites and/or the topics you are interested in. Once you complete the procedure you are good to go. Articles concerning the topics you choose will automatically appear on the app’s main screen.



Appy Geek offers a variety of news providers and also some customization options such as theme and font changing, as well as adding counters to see how many new posts there are.

2.Tech News

Tech News Price: Free

Tech news is a very simple application that manages to offer a great variety of sources. As soon as you open up the application for the first time, you are able to read a wide range of tech news with a simple swipe or tap. Tech News features articles, not only from the most popular tech sites (e.g. CNET), but also from lesser known sources.



The only thing that i would list as a drawback is the lack of source customization. There is, therefore, a chance that the user may get overwhelmed by the huge number of articles.


CNET TV: Best Tech News, Reviews, Videos & Deals Price: Free

Chances are that if you are somewhat interested in technology, you have already come across this site. CNET offers “Award-winning tech news, reviews, and trend coverage”. Its mobile application offers all of that, in a beautiful UI.


With a drop-down menu full of options to choose from, CNET can provide you with a variety of news, photos, and even lists with product offers.


4.Tech News (different than #2)

Tech News Price: Free

In the same fashion as #2 in our list, this application offers centralized access to a vast variety of tech sites.


This application, however, is more minimal offering nothing more than the names and links to those major sites. Simply tap on the desired site and it will natively open in the app. You can also add your own URLs, so as to customize your news experience. You can also change between Desktop and Mobile version with a tap and also change the order of your news sources in a similar way.



Reddit: Social News, Trending Memes & Funny Videos Price: Free

Yes. Reddit. Some of you may know this application (and website) as a place for weird questions and interesting answers. Well, Reddit has many tech oriented subreddits, hence, offering a place to anticipate and learn about developments in the smartphone and technology industry.


Truth is, that you will need some time in order to get used to Reddit. Despite that, Reddit’s strong point is the huge community of users. That gives you the possibility to discuss your favorite tech topics with other like-minded people in order to enrich your experience.


Is there any application that we missed? How often do you read your tech news on your smartphone? Feel free to comment below.

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