Listening music is one of the frequent things that we do on our phones. Everybody has their taste and their category of music on their phone. You may not listen to it often, some listen to it when alone, or some prefer to play it loud. You need music players to play music and Android has a long list of those at Google Play.

Daily, a few music players arrive at Play Store and it’s pretty frustrating to choose one which is equally good, has a beautiful user interface, and has lots of features. I was in the dilemma too and I decided to make a list of best Android music players. The list was long enough and I had to cut it down to 5. Note that the list is irrespective of the serial numbers, here it goes :

1. Poweramp Music Player

This is a very high rated music player on Google Play and it has a strong reason for that. Poweramp is a powerful music player on Android and it has nearly all the features a user can probably ask for. Poweramp has a decent black UI and the list of key-features is nearly endless.

What’s more, the developer of Poweramp is chosen as Top Developer by Google Play staff. Some of the key-features include: 10 band music equalizer, Bass and Treble adjustment, crossfading and gapless playback and high level of customization through settings, etc. Get it here:

Poweramp Music Player (Trial) Price: Free

2. Player Pro

The developer of the Player Pro introduces it as: “PlayerPro features a beautiful, fast and intuitive interface, alongside powerful audio configuration options. In addition, there is a choice of several FREE plugins to complement it: 20+ skins, DSP Pack, Widget Pack …”

The developer further says that Player Pro has been in the list of top five music players for over two years and I think that’s a very true statement. I personally am the user of Player Pro. This music player is constantly developed and well supported. You can get it here :

PlayerPro Music Player (Free) Price: Free

3. n7player Music Player

This one really grabbed my attention. N7player Music Player does not rely on Android media scanner and uses it’s own library personalized by you. This is an innovative 3D(yes, I said 3D) mp3 and audio player which is Android exclusive. The best thing about n7player Music Player is it’s stunning and unique interface and multi touch wall album. Key features include : OpenGL based multi-touch album wall, 5 band graphic equalizer, file browser, environmental effects, etc. Get it right here :

n7player Music Player Price: Free

4. DoubleTwist with Magic Radio

This is a very famous music player which has the ability to sync with your itunes library, Mac, PC, itunes playlist on your home computers. DoubleTwist is also available for PC and hence the syncing is possible between PC and your Android device. DoubleTwist even allows you to play videos, that’s a plus point.

It also has introduced a new feature called Magic Radio which is supposed to blend music from your library with new music matching your taste from a catalog of millions of tracks. Get doubleTwist here :

doubleTwist Music & Podcast Player with Sync Price: Free

This rounds up the top 5 music players for Android. There are many good music players out there but this is a top-five-only list. Some of those were really cool but they had some bugs to be fixed. Some may even manage to enter into top 5 in the future soon and I’ll be again in the dilemma and I’ll probably be making a list again : ) Keep checking back for more cool stuffs.

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  1. Great thanks (but trust me on s2 with eq rock, sound eff music clarity…is WAY clear and loud) i ve tried winamp…but not sony..i will..mine is rooted..thanks again for your time 🙂

  2. HELPPP!!! Hi from Argentina..i moved to s3 from s2..but i want the s2 s JB 4.0.3 music player..since its music effect (music clarity) sounds just great and loud…is there a way to installl that same music player on s3? thanks!

  3. Kukde, nice list. I think already have tested most of these ones. After many tries, I found one who got almost all features I needed. 3.Yeah, just “3” not popular but very good to listen music and awesome album front search. That’s my tip.

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