However feature-packed smartphone a manufacturer might make, one cannot do without installing a third-party app. The Google Play Store has 679701 apps (April 10, 2013) currently. This number is so great that one might be overwhelmed if one has to pick a bunch of nice apps from them. According to official records 22% of apps in the market are of low quality and to clean the app market in the interest of users, Google recently removed more that 60000 apps.

Thousands of apps are submitted to the Play Store every month. The official stats bring out that December 2012 saw the highest number of apps (37677) in a single month. If you were asked to recount the number of some good apps and games, your list will hardly cross 500 because only a few among those thousands of apps have real merit to survive in the great crowd. It sounds pretty much like Darwin’s theory of “the survival of the fittest”.

Anyways, we keep looking for a good app from myriad millions so that we might help you make the most out of your Android phone. Extending this effort we are here with a very simple clock app with a clean and minimal interface. The TimmoClock app gets it name from its developer timmo15 from XDA and works as a clock screensaver.


The apps looks very much like the Daydream feature found in Android 4.2 but it is bolder enough to be seen without staring your eyes to check time in darkness. Besides, the app shows analog and digital clocks both on the same screen. It also displays the current battery status and date. These items can be seen on any screen mode.

There are three screen modes and you can easily switch between them by tapping the screen. On the first tap the app goes full screen and on the next tap you can enter sleep or night mode that consumes the least battery with dim screen brightness. In the primary mode that pops up just as you launch the app, you have four quick shortcuts to essential apps and features that include: the camera, the Play Store, web browser and Voice Search.

TimmoClock app also has two analog clock widgets to decorate your phone’s homescreen. These widgets can be resized from tiny to full screen size and they also work as a shortcut to launch the app with just a single touch. It’s a new app and still needs some improvements. On large screen devices it looks perfect but on smaller screens the clocks overlap each other and the shortcuts look weird. One more improvement the app can have is size and look of the shortcut icons. The Play Store icon seems bigger than other three.


Finally, TimmoClock is a great app with nightclock feature and nice widgets. It’s available for free and worth keeping on your phone.

Timmo Clock - Desk Clock Price: Free


  1. I just found your article online and would like to thank you for reviewing my app. I have resolved the layout ldpi issue and have improved a lot on my app since you posted this article. If you have the time and would like to, check out my latest version and give your thoughts and suggestions on what you think. And once again thank you for picking my app out of the ‘myriad millions’ of apps out there.

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