Here is a combo pack of three awesome lockscreen themes for MIUI V4, GB and JB. The themes have been originally made by different authors but they have been modified by a Chinese modder Nirvana. The first theme is called “Simple LS” and it really is. The second one is called “Ying Yang LS” with soothing blue background. The two points of the Ying Yang can be slided down to unlock the device and go to the call log.

The most beautiful of the three themes, however, is the third one called the “Galaxian LS”. The theme shows a stunning animation when you plug in you device in charging mode. It has 8 app shortcuts (in respective order) for settings, browser, clock, music, camera, call log, message and file manager. The ninth icon with desktop icon takes you directly to the homescreen. Just drag the unlock button to open  any of the desired shortcuts.

All three themes were in Chinese, so they have translated into English.

Simple LS MIUI


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