Since the releases of the Galaxy S4, Samsung has been criticized severely for cutting off the SD card storage space for its users. The company later tried to defend itself that the used space were utilized in giving the users more features but that was not a logical explanation at all. If we buy a phone with 16GB storage capacity, it must be somewhere near to the promised/advertised space.

Anyways, Samsung seems to have taken that complaint seriously and today they have started rolling out a new update for the LTE variant of the Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 that houses Snapdragon processor. A big number of users in Germany and China have reported receiving the OTA update with  365.67MB size.

The new update with PDA version I9505 XXUBMEA can also be availed by the users of Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 who do not belong to Germany as we have the link to the full firmware that can be installed manually using Odin. As the very size of the OTA  indicates, this is a major update that brings a lot of new feature and improvements in the performance of the device.


Features and Changes:

Here are some of the new things that have been discovered so far by users:

  • More stable performance.
  • Semi-transparent status bar (see the post image above).
  • More free RAM.
  • New Move Apps to SD Card feature that lets you move an app to the SD Card.
  • Improvement in camera picture quality.
  • New “Increase legibility” feature that can be found under Settings> My Device> Display.
  • New Smart Pause toggle in Quick Settings under Notification Panel.
  • Improvements in the S Planner app.

How to Install:

Download the firmware and extract it on your desktop. Inside the extracted folder you will find a file with .tar.md5 extension. Install this file by clicking on PDA button on Odin3 tool for Windows. For detailed installation guide click here.



  1. Thnks Rakesh….

    Sorry i meant 4.2.2….. and thru kies .. my CSC shows JED.. whch does correspond to Saudi Arabia…. whr can get the 4.2.2 firmware for Note 2….. its not officially released yet for JED…

  2. Hey Admin….. Need ur assistance..
    I hav a Galaxy Note 2 N7100.. i purchased it from Saudi Arabia… when i enter *#1234#… i get below details

    AP: N7100XXDMC3
    CP: N7100XXDLK7
    CSC: N7100OJVDMC1

    Cn you let me know what country my CSC specify as per firmware…??
    also.. latest version of firmware i have is 4.1.2… and when i check thru OTA.. it says it the latest…
    i can see 4.1.2 released for note 2 in other countries.. can i get the same updated in my phone…
    and Can changing my CSC allow me to get updates released for that particular country???


  3. i got my phone from australia .. and i am from middle east !! i9505 4g .. do i supposed to get the new update when australia get it ?? and for those who update their phone to the latest firmwares .. do they noticed any big difference in camera quality ? because its quality is not that gd comparing to the s4 i9500 !! thanks in advance 🙂

  4. Thank you I have the Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 UK unlocked which firmware do I Download from the list above?

  5. Do i need to give full wipe after installing this firmware? because charge is not staying for long…

  6. thanks for the reply…and can you please tell me which one you suggest to install on my SGS4..

  7. I had this issue to on my S3 that was also from Australia. I am unable to figure out why Samsung does such things for a specific region but I flashed my S3 with another European firmware and it was fixed.

    As for the warranty part, installing an official firmware does not bump the flash counter and so it should not have any effect on it.

    Just make sure you install a firmware meant for the same model number.

  8. Hi Rakesh

    On my S4 , I am unable to change the 4 default shortcuts(Phone,Contacts,Messaging and internet). Can you please tell me how can i change those shortcuts without installing any launcher. My phone is an Australian Unlocked version. Also if i install any of the above official firmwares or downloaded from Sammobile, will it void my warranty?? If i install any of these official firmwares what would be the demerits?

    Thanks in advance.

  9. ok i think i will wait for official samsung for non branded

    any idea when it can come out?

  10. Gallery changed to, now u have edit button in the right top corner, and before the update there was a delete button, most annoying thing of the update :X Besides that very good update 🙂

  11. thx, if i do that, i will not be able to get OTA updates right? cuz different country code or something?

  12. Hi, first of all let me tell you that we are faster than forums when it comes to replying to questions. As for your query regarding the unbranded firmware, you can install any firmware from above that has not the name of a carrier in brackets.
    For example you can install the firmwares for Italy, Germany or Finland from above, The H3G firmware is a branded one and it means that it is locked to network operator.

  13. is it any of thoes firmwares unbranded that i could flash my uk phone with ? I dont want network firmware

  14. Technically it does not void the warranty as long as you are on official firmware. And you can install the Hong Kong firmware later when it comes. That’s it!

  15. thanks for the fast reply! I have a question though, would it invalidate my warranty if i install a firmware from a different country? Thanks!

  16. i managed to root the device start SuperSu – update from GooglePlay- There is no Su binary installed bla bla bla.I search on google and it seems that this is a new firmware and can t be rooted.thx

  17. Ok I will try, … I want to congratulate you for your great page , you have a lot of info in your site.

  18. It is meant for S4 users in Germany but it is not in German. It has English and other European languages too, so you can install it. I have tested it. No problem!

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