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3 Awesome To-Do Apps to Get Your Things Done

3 Awesome To-Do Apps to Get Your Things Done

We all have busy lives. We deal with so many information and tasks every day that we are bound to forget some. In such a situation, the importance of writing things down can't be...
Take Notes In Style With Terminal Note Taking: N073_5

Take Notes in Style with Terminal Note Taking: N073_5

Before you get your hopes high let's clear things out first. Style is a pretty subjective term and what some would find stylish, other's won't. For example, you might not enjoy using the command...

Jot Down Notes in Material Design Fashion With Material Notes: Colorful Notes App for...

Material design language for the user interface for Android debuted way back in 2014 on Android 5.0 lollipop. However, the same design language is being used to date on Android 8.0 oreo, albeit a...

Create & Pin Notes to the Notification Area with Collateral

Digital notes, thanks to the timely reminders, are simply the best. I may forget to look at the note written on a paper from time to time but a digital note never fails as...

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