Tag: Android Myths and Facts

Android Myths and Facts

Android Myths and Facts: Busting 10 Urban Legends

The Moon mission was a farce. The Illuminati is a secret society set to take over the world. Android is a mobile Operating system meant only for the geeks. Wait! Yeah, that’s the myth...

All You Need to Know About Smartphone Battery: The Facts, The Myths

Smartphone battery life is one of the biggest gripes that the current gen of uber-social users have. Although there are certain entry-level and mid-range devices focussed on robust battery life, the flagship smartphones have...

5 Smartphone Myths That Aren’t True

"Did you know that charging your phone overnight will kill your battery?" said my friend. And my first reaction was "dude, what are you talking about? It's 2015." So that conversation is basically the...

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