The Cleaner is clean and pretty straightforward Android application. It is simple to use and gets its job done. We could say it has a role of your very own smartphone “house keeper”. We all know that feeling of frustration after using a phone for a while. Within months, it just starts to feel slower and outdated, even though the hardware didn’t change.

Phone simply gets bloated with that extra information that applications start to pile up in cache memory, old documents that we’ve downloaded months back and were never deleted, applications that are kept in RAM even though we only used Google Translate, for example, to translate one word 5 hours ago, and so on and so forth.

We usually (at least me) don’t bother with stuff like this. Hitting home key for purpose of leaving/exiting application, not deleting downloaded one-time-used documents, not cleaning cache of every single installed application… Those are operations that require my time, and I don’t have it for spare.

If you find yourself in a situation like this every so often, you might want to try The Cleaner. In a form of widget, you can clean your phone with just 2 clicks. The Cleaner’s user interface design is clean and simple and it gets its job done perfectly!


After analyzing your phone’s memory, you’ll see a list of applications that are using your memory storage and the amount of it. Just tick the ones you’d like to free your memory of. With a swipe left (for the right side of the screen towards left), you’ll switch to “storage” section. From here, old and unused files/documents can be eliminated. The configuration is the same as with memory “freeing” screen.


Simple design along with nice animations that are present through all the application, makes The Cleaner a joy to use. Plus, there are several different themes you can choose from, so you can make it suit your criteria! One extra theme  is for free, the others are available through in-app purchases.


Of course, Like many apps, The Cleaner also comes with a couple of widgets for your homescreen so that you can clean your device quickly in a single tap. And as the whole app was, widget is clean and simple.


To sum up, The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean is a very useful app for all Android users who are facing issues like slow performance and low RAM. By using The Cleaner at intervals, you can significantly boost the performance of your device. Since it’s a free app, you don’t have to repent in case you feel that it does not help you speed up your device. Just try it once and you will be happy with it!


The Cleaner Download Link


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