Have you always wanted the Sidebar feature on your phone but don’t have a Galaxy Note 2 or are not running a custom Rom with it built in???This is “Sidebar Lite” by Mohammad Adib. You can download this in the Play Store. This is a sidebar app similar to the sidebar feature on the Galaxy Note 2 and International Galaxy S3 Suite Package.  After you install this on your device, go into the app drawer and open the app. You will notice the hand that reaches across the screen and pulls open the sidebar for the first time. It’s a pretty cool feature in my opinion.

Once open you are free to customize. There will be a few apps already in the Sidebar when you open it. You can choose to remove them or keep them. To add apps to the Sidebar, just touch the + icon on the sidebar and a list of apps will pop up. Choose an app and it will display it in your sidebar. You can customize and re-arrange to your liking. To close the sidebar just choose an app or touch anywhere outside the sidebar and it will disappear! Widgets and toggles are also included in the list of apps you may select to put in your sidebar including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sound, Rotation, Brightness, Torch, Running Apps and Music.


Some customization features that come with Sidebar are the ability to adjust the width & opacity of the bar, Adjusting the color scheme & position, Enabling/Disabling animations, Adjusting the swipe sensitivity, Enabling/Disabling vibration. In Sidebar Lite you may only add up to 8 icons in your Sidebar, with the Pro version you may add as many as you want. Also in the Pro version you have the ability to have access to Unlimited Widgets, Full Settings Menu, Choose Color, Disable Notification(On Lite version a persistent icon is in the notification bar as long as app is enabled) and Lock certain items into Sidebar. In my opinion this is the best Sidebar application out there! It’s smooth and fast and most importantly, Not Buggy. So give it a try, links are below!

Play Store Link to Lite Version

Sidebar Lite Price: Free


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