With smartphones’ screens growing bigger and bigger, one can hardly get a good battery life. Screens are getting larger and the battery thinner- the result is a grand smartphone with light-weight but poor battery-life. Gone are days when we enjoyed 2 days’, even longer, battery backup on our phones with smaller displays. We spend hefty amount of money to get a feature-packed handset but when it comes to using them, we have to restrict ourselves with the fear of battery drain.

Why do our phone manufacturer put a blind eye on the battery issue and why do we feel so helpless with it? Make even bigger phones, stuff it with more features and we would adore you for that. But also give us space and freedom to use the features without being worried about battery, at least for a full day. The battery drain issue is one of the commonest problem smartphone users grapple with everyday. Just try to google a single soul on earth with a super-phone in his pocket and happy with his phone’s battery, and you are sure get “No Results Found!”.

The battery drain concern is so great that it has given rise to a fast flowering industry that manufactures external batteries and apps. The Google Play Store has hundreds of battery saver apps that work with varying degrees of efficiency. If you got a rooted Android phone, you can go for a custom ROM or have your phone’s CPU underclocked to get better battery life.

Optimus Battery Saver app-2

There are a number of good battery-saving apps that take advantage of root permissions on your phone and yield good results too. But if you have a non-rooted phone, the most popular practices for decent battery life are to decrease screen brightness, turn of sync, mobile data and WiFi.  Toggling these settings all day on and off can be a painful experience. The Optimus Battery Saver app can help you here very efficiently.

Optimus Battery Saver app can automate and schedules the battery saving actions and routines. The app has a very nice, intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It has multiple modes, like General, Night, Super Saving, Rush Hour and Weekend, suiting differing situations. All battery devouring functions are disabled according to your configuration and they are enabled automatically when you use them. The app also has a handy widget for the homescreen that lets you quickly enable or disable the the different modes.

The app is available in two versions. The free version works nicely but if you get the paid version, it will activate the “Weekened” and “Rush Hour” modes. Download the app from below and lets us now what difference you feel with the Optimus Battery Saver app installed on your phone.


  1. I have used many such apps and think this is better as it lets you schedule power consumption as per your needs at different time of a day and work.

  2. Hi Rakesh,
    I’m considering installing a battery saver app on my phone. I was going for juice defender ultimate. But after reading this I am confused between Optimus and Juice Defender. What do you think?
    Thank You.

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