Samsung USA Tweets Galaxy S4 Picture

The round of rumors, leaks and speculations about the Galaxy S4 are on all time high as the date of the official unveiling is approaching near. It’s less that 2 days left now and as expected, everybody to looking forward to the big unpacking event at New York on March 14. Yesterday we saw some “real” pictures of the allegedly called Galaxy S4 Duos on a Chines forum, followed shortly by a hands on video of the phone. So, should we assume that Samsung has failed to keep the secret?

Just after the S4 pictures leak, Samsung released the second part of the S4 video teaser pushing little Jeremy Maxwell forward to do some damage control, saying the new Galaxy S4 is “Totally Amazing!”. Later the same day, Samsung USA tweeted the first official picture of the the phone which conceals more than it reveals. The picture as you can see are too real to believe and it looks more like a render. It is overshadowed by darkness and even if you try to see through increasing brightness and contrast, it yields no results. The only things that you can see are the phone’s outline shape, the Samsung logo and the volume rockers on the left. The device looks like a hybrid of the Note 2 and the Galaxy S3, with the addition of aluminum around the perimeter.

If the picture released by Samsung USA is real, expect nothing new with the Galaxy S4, at least in terms of design. To give you a clear idea of how similar the devices shown in the Chinese leak and the Samsung’s tweeted pictures are, we spent some time on Photoshop and superimposed three images together. The result is surprising! The shape and curves of the Galaxy S3 and the S4 are 100% same! I still believe it is actually the Galaxy S3 rendered image that Samsung USA has published.


The reason why we say it is a rendered (unreal) design because it’s missing all sensors, the speaker grill, and the front-facing camera. However, keeping in view the recent rumors about Samsung using the  bone conduction technology in the Galaxy S4, it is hard to overrule it too. Will Samsung planning to serve us a new wine in the old bottle?

Also watch Samsung Galaxy S4 Duos hands on video on YouTube:

Source: Samsung USA


  1. It’s definitely fake. I saw this picture last year when someone claimed it was S3. You will see it next year too hopefully, before the launch of S5.

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