Samsung, the biggest manufacturer of Android smartphones, does not see any major threat from other OEMs, like HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, etc., that manufacture Android devices. And therefore, the only other player that the company considers a worthy rival is Apple Inc. While Samsung occupies a largest share in the smartphone market in Asian and European market, it has been facing neck to neck competition in the US and Canadian markets where major number of the so called “iSheep” crowd dwell.

The Korean smartphone giant has been trying hard to break the iPhone cult and disillusion the loyal iOS fans. For the past couple of years, especially after the launch of the Galaxy S3, Samsung has been releasing videos after videos to show its Galaxy line of devices far superior to the iPhone and iPad. In most of such video ads, Samsung has been very unabashed in its criticism of iPhone that, according to the company, is inferior to its recent flagship devices in all aspects.

Continuing its well known jab towards iPhone, Samsung has now come up with 2 new TV ads the first of which tries to establish the Galaxy S4 as the next big change for those who own an iPhone. The ad is set on an aeroplane where a Galaxy S4 user is shown happy enjoying a video on the 5″ display of his phone but he is soon disturbed by a fellow passenger who own an iPhone. As their talk proceeds the man with Galaxy S4 tells him about features like Easy Mode and Smart Switching that can transfer almost everything from an iPhone to the Galaxy flagship.

The second video (below) has nothing  like tooth and claw pointing to iPhone. It is rather a simple ad that highlights the advantages of the S Translate feature of Galaxy S4. A girl takes his boyfriend to meet her parents. The boy is a little hesitant about his first impression and worried because he does not know the native tongue of his girl-friend parents. However, his Galaxy S4 come to help and with the help of translation, he is able to impress the mother by talking to her in her native language.

Anyway, watch the new videos and do not forget to share which one did you like most. Cheers!

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