Since the early days of smartphones when the original iPhone was fresh out of the oven, screen sizes weren’t that big. In fact, there was a time when 4 inch screens were considered absolutely huge. Times change however and today we have display behemoths that will take be quite hard to hold with one hand. It looks like a solution for this problem might be coming out in 2017 in the form of foldable handsets.

This technology has been rumored for a long time but it looks like we might finally get a taste. Samsung and LG are allegedly both in the process of releasing foldable smartphones that will innovate and change the industry forever.

Samsung Foldable Valley

Codenamed “Foldable Valley”, the new Samsung device will have some interesting characteristics. If we are to believe what is said about this upcoming gadget, users will have the possibility of unfolding the device into a 7 inch tablet. The folder state would result in a much more convenient device for one hand held actions.

LG foldable competition

While Samsung is believed to come out with a foldable phone, LG is presumably up to something similar. The G6 manufacturer is believed to be in the same boat and people are expecting them to meet out Samsung’s release with a worthy adversary.

Not a lot of information is currently at large regarding the two upcoming gadgets, but if the internet will stay true to its nature, we will have more exciting information in the months to come. There is certainly enough time as these phones are rumored to be slated for an August release. Although not a valid information since it lacks official confirmation, it might prove as an important element when trying to figure out when we will see the Samsung or LG foldables.

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