Many have been wanting this for a long time now, and it seems like Samsung is finally going to explain to its users what happened with the Galaxy Note 7. The Korean manufacturer will be livestreaming the entire event on English, but it will be held in Seoul, Korea. The even can be watched during the hours of 8PM ET, on the 22nd of January on No one can say with precision what cause the Note 7 fiasco, but many are blaming the battery units. What’s clear enough however is that we will be getting our long awaited answers from Samsung itself in a short while, and at the very least we can stop scratching our heads.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 incident has become worldwide known due to the controversy it has started. From internet jokes to mass frustration, an entire array of feelings has been set loose by this unfortunate turn out for Samsung’s latest Note device. What’s even worse is that people were genuinely impressed with the quality of the device.

So what was the problem? It all seems fine and dandy so far, so whatever turned the device in the talk of the town (and not in a good way) must have been massive, right? Yes, it was. The truth is, no one knows exactly what cause the Galaxy Note 7 to act the way they did. And by “the way they did”, we mean “explode”. Multiple cases of exploding Note 7 units have been recorded post device launch.

The situation had pushed Samsung to call back the devices, and issued special boxes distributed to Note 7 customers. These boxes were to be used for shipping the devices safely back to Samsung, which urged consumers not to just shove the explosion liable units into the mail box.

The press conference might also include some information about the future of the Note series, after back and forth rumors have been flying around, about Samsung wanting to kill it off, then keep it going. Shedding some light onto what’s going to happen with Samsung’s second most popular handset series  would definitely be appreciated.

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