The rumors about Samsung’s plans of releasing a device that features a foldable display have been flying around for what seems like an eternity. While we always had this information stored somewhere in the back of our mind, we lacked palpable proof that Samsung was actually developing such handsets.

It looks however like 2017 might be the year in which all these rumors are brought to life. Recently we learned about Samsung’s plans to bring out a new series of smartphones called Galaxy X. The Galaxy X line was mostly kept under wraps so no one knew exactly what to expect from it. Today we also learn about the existence of a patent that puts an end to our inquiries.

Foldable displays are coming

The patent in question is for a Samsung Galaxy X device and to be more specific, is for a device that allegedly transforms into a tablet. There are still a ton of questions as to what exactly can and will Galaxy X do. However, we at least know that it’s just a matter of time before all other questions are answered.

Change of plans

It is believed that initially, Samsung wanted to pull the reverse trick and have a device fold inwards rather than outwards. This idea was perceived in the end as flawed because it would require people to constantly unfold their units when a new notification or reason to use the device would occur. And if you’ve ever used a smartphone, you know there’s always a reason to check your phone.

Current design

So you want to know what the device looks like? If we are to trust the patent supplied, the device will have the initial aspect of a regular 5 inch device, but with some slight tweaks. For starters, users will notice that the display doesn’t stop at a bezel but rather wraps itself around the device, all the way to the other side, from left to right. Additionally, the body of the handset is comprised of two very thing pieces that are close together and connected through the extended display. When the phone is unfolded, it takes the shape of a 7 inch tablet with one continuous display.

The future looks promising for casual users and smartphone savvy individuals alike. Although we still have some waiting time ahead of us, most would agree that it’s worth the wait considering the innovative nature of this upcoming gadget.

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