Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is the latest Samsung tablet anticipated to hit the shelves sometime this year. Many are speculating about the specifications about this device and how much of an improvement it will be in contrast to the previously released tablets. Recent discoveries show that people might get a sense of déjà vu. What we mean by this is that the device will feel rather familiar since it will incorporate a lot of the elements people have had the chance to try out on the Galaxy S7 smartphone released by Samsung.

Recurring specs

The Tab S3 installment will be apparently coming out featuring the Snapdragon 820 processing unit from Qualcomm, which was also featured on the S7 flagship smartphone. Additionally, people will be getting the same 4 GB of RAM. There are other, more subtle features such as the 2.0 UFS storage support and LPDDR4 RAM architecture, which are also borrowed from last year’s smartphone release.

In terms of bandwidth, the new tablet features an 18 GB/s speed. While it’s double the performance achieved by Galaxy Tab S2, it is close in results with the 17.8 GB/s bandwidth speed of the Galaxy S7 handset.

Camera performance-wide, the camera capabilities of the new Tab S3 actually exceed those of the S7, at least in terms of pixels. The tablet features 12.9 MP and it is rumored that users will be able to record in 4K, which would be an amazing feat for the device. The camera was never the strong suit for tablets, but it looks like there’s a good chance that this might change.

It will be interesting to see just how Samsung manages to market a “tablet version” of the Galaxy S7 flagship device, and how fans will take this approach. We could also see a completely different Tab S3 setup being launched, which will not take so heavily after the brand’s 2016 flagship. As we approach the tablet’s release, more details are bound to surface, giving us a better idea of what’s to come. Samsung’s Tab S3 is going to be a major improvement over Tab S2, regardless of specs, as confirmed by multiple sources.

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