There are many rumors flying around the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship. Samsung is said to have put a lot of effort into making this model one fans will remember and praise for a very long time, so that it might wipe the slate clean and people can start forgetting about the Galaxy Note 7 incident.

After the bummer that we won’t see the S8 at MWC 2017, we finally get some potentially good news. Sources claim that we will see a debut for the latest Galaxy S installment sometime in April. To be more exact, there are talks about the 21st of April as the official release date. Even better, we’ve heard that Samsung is preparing to officially announce the device at an event that will be held on the 29th of March.

Finally getting a proper look at the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will be a relief more than anything else, as the hype and speculations revolving around this handset have reached some impressive heights. The device will also pack in quite the punch in terms of power, apparently, as it is expected from a 2017 flagship. Most details about the model are yet to be revealed but we do know that Samsung and Qualcomm struck a deal that will see Samsung’s flagship be the first smartphone to feature the new Snapdragon 835 chips. There will also be a consistent RAM capacity, many betting on 6GB, and 128 GB of internal storage for all your files. It is not yet known how much you can go over the cap with an SD card, but probably a lot.

As we draw closer to the release date, more details are bound to surface about this much awaited smartphones which marks the eights generation of Samsung’s highly acclaimed Galaxy S smartphone line. While there are now numerous series and models that the company provides, their Galaxy S line has remained the most popular over the year in both the US and Korea, and pretty much anywhere in between, as reports show.

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