Just when you would think that Samsung would be able to catch a break, something new happens that requires the Korean manufacturer’s attention. At the very least, this latest issue that has started to show in multiple places within the Samsung community is catching the attention of Samsung device users.

This problem might only be of direct concern to you if you are the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge device. The problem this time around for Samsung seems to be that the aforementioned model is displaying a weird vertical pink line across the screen. No one actually knows where these pink lines come from, but one thing that’s for certain is that the case isn’t isolated to just one incident.

Multiple cases have been recorded, spawning all over different forums. Every time, the user in question that is filing the complaint claims that they have to deal with a pink, vertical line across the display. Although we mentioned getting Samsung’s attention earlier, that hasn’t happened in this case so far. Or at least, Samsung doesn’t show that is knows what’s up. The closest Samsung users have gotten to an actual acknowledgement of the situation is a Samsung employee saying that the Galaxy S7 Edge devices showing this problem need to be evaluated.

Whatever that solution classifies as exactly is yet to be known, but most definitely people just want to be able to use the handsets they have paid for. Although this isn’t some dramatic, groundbreaking issue that would have the whole world watching, it does come after a relatively recent incident with Galaxy Note 7 devices. In that instance, the Samsung devices would just blow up, causing a much talked about incident that ended with the company calling back the devices and then cancelling the Note 7 altogether.

While this isn’t a problem of the same magnitude and there won’t be measures as drastic taken, people wait for the Korean manufacturer to come out with an acknowledgement of the problem and hopefully a fix for it as well. From what pictures say, the devices still look operable, but no doubt the respective users would much rather prefer to not have a pink vertical line across their screens all the itme.

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