Galaxy S7 Edge from Samsung has been a much discussed smartphone in 2016, but as we have passed in 2017 and a new wave of flagship devices is upon us, S7 Edge is bound to fall behind. It looks like Samsung is doing what it can to monetize on S7 Edge while it’s still marketable, and the solution for the Korean manufacturer has arisen in the form of its wearable gear.

If you’re looking to purchase a smartwatch and are also in the market for a brand new smartphone, you might be interested to know that Samsung is offering a complementary Gear Fit 2 smartwatch with every Galaxy S7 Edge. This deal is available in UK and normally you would have to shell out around 180 GBP to get a Gear Fit 2. With this offer you save that amount and get a free smartwatch alongside your new smartphone. Those eager about the offer still have time until the 28th of February to get one of their own, as that’s when the offer ends.

Samsung even has a new Coral blue color variation that is part of the ongoing deal. That means you either choose the Coral blue color or another of your liking when you choose your device.

The offer is redeemable from Samsung’s official website, but to actually get things rolling you need to make sure that the retailer you are buying from is eligible for this deal. If they are, you can buy the device either online or offline and qualify for a free wearable gadget.

Take into consideration that while the upcoming Galaxy S8 will be superior in pretty much every way to S7 Edge, that doesn’t mean that buying the latter qualifies as “settling” It’s still a great device that just so happens to have reached the end of its market prosperity. If you’re looking for nothing than the absolute best, and aren’t that interested in smart watches, you might be among that wait for S8 to drop.

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