Ever since Google introduced Android Nougat to the world, Samsung users have been waiting for the day when they finally get that bliss-inducing notification, telling them that all their prayers have come true. We’re talking of course about Android Nougat and how the Google OS delivery on Samsung’s platform has been teasing the community to no end result.

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Yesterday, good news finally arrived for eager S7 owners, as Samsung had finally begun the rollout process for the firmware. Today, however, things aren’t as bright. Galaxy S7 users have just stopped getting the update and no one knew why. After a first wave of happy users that were boasting with their new firmware, recorded with Twitter posts came to the angry mob, looking for blood. People started sending out tweets in hopes that someone might be able to fill in the blanks as to why the update never came.

Samsung seems to not know what is causing this problem to occur either but has guessed that it has to do with a bug that has been discovered. Many are skeptical in regards to this bug being the reason why the update process has halted. Apparently, Samsung is in the process of investigating the problem so that the rollout can resume.

This problem didn’t hit the US alone, as China is also suffering at the moment. While millions of people were left out of updating to Android Nougat on their Galaxy S7 devices, it is unsure what other regions might be experiencing this issue. All Samsung users an Android Nougat enthusiasts know is that they have been waiting for this update for a long time. Waiting that long just to have the update escape their grasp in the last moment must a bad way to start your day.

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