The Active model of Samsung Galaxy S6 is a device that hasn’t been in the news for a while now. It seems however that Galaxy S6 Active users under AT&T will be receiving a new update. The update might be coming sooner than you think, since the carrier has already begun the process of rolling out the patch to eligible devices.

The G890AUC5CPK4 update for the Galaxy S6 Update comes in the form of a 14 MB patch and it includes some important changes. The update focuses on user safety and includes security fixes Android has set out for the month of December.

Not only is that the main point of interest in the patch, but it also looks like that might be the only one. No other change has been mentioned as far as the official changelog goes. If you happen to find something else beyond the changelog, that’s great. But all in all it is highly unlikely that either Samsung, Google or AT&T would have put some extra hidden data in this 14 MB update.

If you have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 Active you can go to your phone’s Settings and use the option that lets you check for software updates. Keep in mind that we’re talking about a patch that’s being deployed OTA (over the air) so it might take a little while before it actually gets to you. Or, it could come surprisingly quickly. It all boils down to how lucky you are in terms of your position in the download priority queue.

It’s great to see that a device such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, which isn’t quite new, still gets some love and isn’t completely left behind. While small in size, the December security update for Google’s Android can prove quite important for S6 Active users which now get to enjoy better security.

Checking your Settings could speed up the process as it will notify you right when the update arrives and you are able to download it on your handset. Since it has only 14 MB it shouldn’t take too long to download.

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