The Google I/O 2013 is going on live now and a series of announcements for new updates for various Google apps like Maps, Google Now, Play Music, and Google services have already come our way. One big surprise, however, for those who love Samsung and AOSP feel at the same time was the announcement of the Galaxy S4 Google Edition. This is definitely not a Nexus phone but rather a S4 stripped off Samsung’s TouchWiz.

The new avatar of the device which I dare call a Galaxy NexuS4 will be loaded with all lavish specs S4 is known for and it’ll really be interesting to see how it fairs when it is launched exclusively for the users in the U.S. The device will feature the same pure Android experience as seen on Nexus devices.

The Galaxy S4 Google Edition will come with on-board 16 GB memory, plus a micro SD card slot, unlocked bootloader and LTE support. The model number of the device has not been disclosed yet and it will be sold through the Google Play Store with the same AT&T and T-Mobile bands as the Nexus 4. This also means that the firmware updates for the Galaxy S4 GE will roll out directly from Google and thus it will receive software updates immediately.

We are not sure whether it will come with Exynos 5 Octa or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor but since Exynos 5 does not go well with LTE networks, we guess it’ll come with Snapdragon chipset.

There are so many things to be revealed about the Galaxy S4 Google Edition and we’ll keep you updated as some new information comes out.

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