“Designed for Humans” and “Inspired by Nature” – these are the two tag lines used by Samsung to promote their flagship device the Galaxy S3 that has been infused with intelligent interactive responsiveness that makes our experience with the device very convenient. On the other hand, the wallpapers and sounds used in the device celebrate the spirit of nature. This spirit is extended further by the two colors, namely Pebble Blue and Marble White, in which the device was launched.

And now when the Galaxy S3 has become one of the best-sellers, Samsung has announced to release four more color variants that will be available soon. The availability of the colors will vary depending of carrier/operator and country. The new colors take their inspiration from the Earth’s richest materials:

  1. Amber Brown
  2. Garnet Red
  3. Sapphire Black 
  4. Titanium Grey

Each of these colors symbolize or represent one or more elements or attributes that connect man with nature. Moreover, they add to the beauty of the SGS3’s carefully crafted organic appearance with gently curved lines.

Though the officials at Samsung Electronics has confirmed this news, but they have not set a time line for the release. Here is a quote from what Minhyouk Lee, VP and lead designer of Galaxy S3 at Samsung said:

via: SamsungTomorrow

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