After the disaster surrounding last year’s release of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 phablet flagship, everyone was wondering about the new direction the Korean manufacturer might be taking in regards to that specific line of devices. Many believed 2016 was the end of the Galaxy Note, and that Samsung would be pulling the plug on an otherwise beloved smartphone series.

After many rumors of discontinuation, we now receive our first glimpse of the future of phablets as presented by Samsung. It would appear that the next chapter in this story is the Galaxy Note 8, which also has the codename Baikal.

The nature of the leak is an image of a frozen lake. If you’re a bit confused, stay with us, we’ll explain. The image that was posted shows the frozen lake Baikal. It is considered one of the deepest lakes on the planet, and it situated in Siberia, Russia. Alongside the lake, there was an S-Pen, which takes us further into speculation. Of course, as it was expected, there was no official comment on the matter from Samsung, so this should be taken with a grain of salt.

The release of the new Note 8 was pushed back so that Samsung could focus and better prep the release of their flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8. Once the S8 is taken care of, it is rumored that the company will focusing on the Note 8 which will drop sometime during the Fall.

There are plenty expected features for the device, given the current market trends. Among these we see a constant demand of 4K technology support, as well as increasing popularity in the VR department. On the camera spectrum, many manufacturers are going for a dual lens setup, meaning that the Note 8 will probably include on as well. Galaxy Note devices have always been top notch and leader of the market, so it won’t be of any surprise if we see everything a user wants, and more.

There are also talks about an edge-to-edge screen setup, which would definitely give the Note an edge in this sense (no pun intended). The processor solution is also expected to be top notch since it is widely known that Samsung and Qualcomm have struck a deal that gives the former dibs over the latter’s most recent chip model.

The potential release of the new phablet is still a long time from coming, but we now have (possibly) the first details about it, with more to come in the not so distant future.

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