Samsung’s initiative of providing potent smartphone solutions at an affordable price has given birth to the company’s Galaxy C device series. These handsets come with inferior specs in comparison to the brand’s highly praised Galaxy S line, but also comes with a far lighter impact on one’s budget. The latest devices that pertain to this line are rumored to come with a particular processor courtesy of the same Qualcomm that provides processing services for Samsung’s high end units.

Processing power

It is speculated as of late that the Galaxy C7 and Galaxy C9 models will be arriving with the Snapdragon 660 processor onboard. The Snapdragon units that will be present in these phones will have an enhanced power thanks to Qualcomm’s A72 cores.

While the future of the Galaxy C7 and the Galaxy C9 seems to be tied to the Snapdragon 660 chipset, the same thing might not be happening for the lower, Galaxy C5 model. It is believed that this Galaxy C device won’t be joining the ranks of the Snapdragon 660 bearers due to the fact that it has not received a processing unit above the 625 mark.

Great runners for the middle class

The Samsung Galaxy C devices are a special breed that have the power user in mind. Throughout their development, Samsung has opted to match the qualifications of these devices with the expectations and necessities of someone that has constant need of their phones and want a unit that can withstand heavy usage. Whether we’re talking about always conducting business related tasks on the device or just burning time on some mobile games, owners of Samsung’s Galaxy C7 and C9 will be able to go unhindered about their day.

With the Galaxy S8 device confirmed as absent from the long awaited MWC 2017 convention that will be taking place at the end of this month, it might look like the Korean manufacturer has a bit of time on its hands to work on lower class devices.

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