Samsung has long expanded its array of products and services so that it accommodates a broader audience and caters to more consumer categories. Once just known for its high end flagship solutions, Samsung now has multiple smartphone lines that seek to help those that have a tighter budget to run with.

The latest such device coming from Samsung seems to be the Galaxy C5 Pro, a smartphone that many are anticipating and waiting to see officially unveiled. As is the case with a lot of devices, the specifications for this handset have leaked online. The leak came in the form of a Geekbench listing as well as one on TENAA. With the device being spotted on those platforms as well as getting a WiFi Alliance certification, it is easy to see how many are inclined to take into consideration the specifications that were listed.

Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro specifications

According to these leaks, we now have to specs to work with in speculating what Samsung is preparing for its users with this device. Let’s take over the list and see what are the possible solutions users can expect.

  • The device will feature a 1080p display which will measure 5.5 inches;
  • The Galaxy C5 Pro will come with a 64 GB internal storage capacity, as well as a mid-class RAM capacity of around 2.5 GHz. Most devices these days go for 3 as a minimum, but there must be a reason for which Samsung chose this route;
  • If you’re interested in the camera capabilities of this device, you will be pleased to learn that it comes with a 16 MP rear camera which is coupled with an equally satisfying 16 MP front facing lens.

All in all, these specifications look rather fine for a device that will placed in the lower half of the market. This means that pretty much anyone will be able to afford one of these and at the same time be able to access the kind of content other users can. You must also remember that these aren’t confirmed specifications and that it is very possible for the handset to come out with a totally different setup than the one featured in this early draft.

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