An interesting story has popped up recently, regarding Samsung and its 2017 flagship Galaxy S8. It is believed that the Korean manufacturer is forcing all its competitors to resort to older processor models by stuffing its bags with the first produced batch of new Snapdragon chips. According to several sources such as The Verge, the newest Snapdragon model, namely Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, is something Samsung has monopolized almost entirely.

Samsung has dibs

Samsung wants to have the first smartphone released this year that features the much desired processor, and it looks like no other manufacturer is going to be able to release one before the Galaxy company. Rumors flying say that the Galaxy S8 flagship will be arriving sometime during the month of April. If you want to get into specifics, the 14th is viewed as the launch point. This means that from now until the 14th April when Samsung will allegedly release the S8, all handsets launched will feature inferior processors.

Crowd reaction

There are mixed feelings among the smartphone manufacturers in regards to the current situation regarding Samsung and Qualcomm’s next gen processing units. When it comes to getting the new Snapdragon 835 processors, many believe that these would have dropped too late for the start of the year wave of smartphones. This would mean that most 2017 smartphones released in this first quarter wouldn’t be able to benefit from them regardless of how many Samsung is getting.

Is it worth it?

Others think that the previous “top dog” in terms of processing power, namely the Snapdragon 821 model, still have a kick to them and smartphones released this year can do a very good job by using that model still. It is yet unknown exactly how big of an upgrade the new 835s are, so by replacing Snapdragon 821 units for 835, they might not be getting much to show for their buck anyway.

Profitable friendship?

Time will tell how much Samsung will be benefitting from their deal with Qualcomm. Last year, Samsung turned 180 and made a deal with Qualcomm that would see the latter produce mass Snapdragon 820s for the Korean giant, after it had refused to use Snapdragon 810 processors previously. It seems that their partnership is going to continue this year with Snapdragon 835.

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