According to a report published on ZDNet Korea, Samsung is planning to abandon the AMOLED display technology for technical reasons. The company is reportedly serious about using an LCD panel in its next flagship (probably the Galaxy S4) with 5″ display. Samsung desperately need to come up with a device with Full HD resolution in view of the recent full HD device  launches by other competitors like LG and HTC.

AMOLED displays have been one of the major USPs  behind the popularity of Samsung Galaxy series smartphones. But now the company realizes that it cannot extend the ppi (pixel per inch) density to 440 on a 4-5 inch AMOLED display. LG recently achieved 320 pixel per inch density in its LCD display use in Optimus G. To cope with this challenge, ZDNet reports, Samsung is interested in signing a deal with a Japanese firm called Japan Display.

ZDnet’s report, however, does not seem to be fully correct as another report by MK News Korea in October said that Samsung had managed to achieve 400 ppi in their AMOLED displays, and that they will be able to produce Full-HD AMOLED displays in its smartphones by next year. We shall get a clearer picture of what actually Samsung has decided in the coming weeks.

Source: ZDNet Korea

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