We all know Samsung’s tight grip on the high-end smartphone market, with spectacular devices such as the S6 and the S6 Edge which were launched this year, they have really outdone themselves. But the high-end smartphone buyers only make up a small amount of the total market. Where Samsung actually struggled to get a slight grip is in the mid-range market. Usually, people complain that many of the Samsung mid-range handsets are either lacking in terms of hardware or in software upgrades.

Exactly like the S6 and S6 Edge, earlier in June Samsung launched the J7 and J5. Two identical siblings with slight changes in their internals. This trend of launching similar products with a few variations gives the public extra choices to make depending on how much one is willing to spend.

Powering both devices are Qualcomm Snapdragon choosers. While the J7 is powered by the 610 SoC, the J5 houses the 415 SoC. The J7 comes with a 5.5″ 720p AMOLED Display, a 13 MP rear shooter and expandable memory. While most of the high-end smartphone have omitted this feature it’s nice to see that the J7 still comes with it microSD slot for further expansion.

Now as is the case with every Android smartphone, in order to further expand its functionality we would require one of 2 things. A custom recovery or root access. Luckily for you, the makers of TWRP just released the flashable zip for the Samsung Galaxy J7.


All you have to do is download the Odin flashable .zip file from below on your Desktop.

Enable USB Debugging: See tutorial

Enable OEM Unlock: Go to Settings> Developer Options> and turn on OEM unlock.

TWRP Recovery: Download Here

SuperSU: Download Here

Once you download the zip file just follow our detailed guide on How to Install Firmware files on Samsung Galaxy Devices Using Odin

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy J7

Now that we have successfully flashed the TWRP custom recovery you have the freedom to start flashing custom ROMs, kernels and other modifications, it’s time to move ahead and root the device, so that we can start using root applications.

Step 1 – Once the device boots up normally, re-connect it to you PC using the USB cable.

Step 2 – Copy the file you had downloaded earlier from your Desktop into the root directory of your internal storage.

Step 3 – Reboot your Samsung J7 into Recovery Mode.

Step 4 – Select ‘Install’ and scroll all the way to the bottom till you see the ‘’ file.

Step 5 – Select the .zip file and swipe the bar to confirm. This will start flashing the .zip file.

Step 6 – Once the flashing finished you will see the ‘Reboot System’ option, click it to reboot your device.

Once the device reboots, you will see the SuperSU app appear in your app menu. You can also confirm if your device is rooted by installing and running the Root Checker application.

Root Check Price: Free

And that’s it you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy J7 and installed the SuperSU application, now you can start using root application.

If you had any trouble while flashing or with boot up, do let us know in the comments below.


  1. after installing twrp with odin and passed after unpluging cable and i restarted my phone and then i power off.Then i pressed volume+,power button and home button then it goes to a blue screen and its going back to stock one

  2. Restart the device and PC, try another USB cable and port, make sure USB Debugging is enabled, reinstall the drivers, make sure Kies in not open while you use Odin.

  3. odin is not detecting my phone :(, i have got win 7 64bit. i am using original cable + also installed kies 3 and samsung usb drivers from official source..

  4. Thanks for your suggestion.. Its locked for other than Indian SIM. I tried other SIM it gives same error. According to Singapore Samsung these are country specific model. Any other suggestion

  5. Most mid-budget Samsung phones are factory unlocked which means any worldwide SIM should work. Try it with some other SIM card, if it still doesn’t work then must be a hardware issue.

  6. Hello. I’ve also tried to root my j7 using this method, but i still cant install twrp. I’ve followed the procedure exactly as it is set out, and odin even said i have passed. It only goes to stock recovery when i try to boot twrp. Is there any other method other than this one? Thanks 🙂

  7. Hi sir. Please help i want to root my samsung galaxy sm-j700h. I follow all the mentioned steps but still cant root it because i cant install the twrp recovery.

  8. Root Failed! Signature Failed! Can’t root..I has tried all kinds of rooting guide..And all Failed to root..Can you help me..

  9. Thanks mate ! 🙂
    But Indian model of Samsung Galaxy J7 (Baseband version: J700FXXU1AOGD)
    You need to enable OEM bootloader unlock in your developer options to install the TWRP recovery !. Go to > ‘Settings’ > ‘Developer Options’ > ‘Turn on OEM unlock’ on. You can update on your post here if you want. 🙂

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