It hasn’t been very long since Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices in the US (Snapdragon variants) got their Android 7.0 Nougat update. But thanks to ingenious users over at XDA Developers, you can already root the Galaxy S7/Edge Snapdragon variant on Nougat. The rooting method supports all US versions of the device – Verizon, Tmobile, Sprint, AT&T.

The process involves flashing an engineered boot image via ODIN. That means you will need a PC with ADB set up. However, rooting and Samsung Pay don’t work very well together. If you root, you lose Samsung Pay but this does not trigger the Knox counter. The process is reversible though and you can get Samsung Pay to work later after unrooting the device. Keep in mind, rooting any device is never for the faint of heart. There’s always a risk involved so make sure you know what you’re doing – research a lot. If you’re ready to make the magic happen let’s move ahead.


DroidViews does not take any responsibility for anything that you do to your device. You understand the risks involved and are solely responsible for your actions. We’ve taken great care to explain each step mentioned below and make sure the process is made as simple as possible. The said process has been tried and tested. This will void your warranty.

Confirmed working on:

  • AT&T Galaxy S7/S7 Edge (SM-G930A/G935A)
  • Sprint Galaxy S7/S7 Edge (SM-G930P/G935P)
  • T-Mobile Galaxy S7/S7 Edge (SM-G930T/G935T)
  • Verizon Galaxy S7/S7 Edge (SM-G930V/G935V)



Root Galaxy S7 /S7Edge Snapdragon Variant on Android Nougat

  1. Power off your Galaxy device and boot into download mode by simultaneously holding the Volume Down, Power and Home keys. Press the Home button again to enter download mode. 
  2. Unzip the and you should have two boot.tar files – S7edge_Qualcomm.tar or S7_Qualcomm.tar 
  3. Launch ODIN, click on the AP button and select the boot.tar file according to your device. Root Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge Snapdragon variant on Nougat
  4. Connect your phone to the PC via a USB Cable and you should see a blue COM port selection in ODIN.  If you don’t, make sure you have installed the Drivers and ADB correctly.Root Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge Snapdragon variant on Nougat
  5. Click the Start button in ODIN and the process will begin. Your phone will restart when the flashing is done.
  6. When the device boots up, get to the home screen.
  7. Right click on the file and unzip it. (You can extract it anywhere but it is recommended that you extract it into a separate folder)
  8. Open the folder you extracted the into, and double click the root.bat file to run it. You can also hold shift and right-click on an empty space to open a command prompt window and enter the command root.bat to do this. Root Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge Snapdragon variant on Nougat
  9. Grant any permissions on your phone if asked and your device will reboot again when the process completes. When it does boot, you should have SuperSu installed on your rooted device.

The above process has been successfully tested by XDA Member Araltd on SM-G935T without any data loss but should work on any other US variants as well. If you’d like to know more or view user response visit the XDA thread.


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