When the design of the highly anticipated Huawei smartwatch was first unveiled to the world, many experts predicted that the product would take the market by storm. It certainly promised to be one of the most stylish Android Wear devices on the market, and one of the few devices that could match the Apple Watch in terms of design. There have been six months of radio silence since the product was unveiled at the MWC in February, causing some debate as to whether the project will go ahead.

According to a recent update on the brand’s U.S. website, however, the launch of this product may be imminent. It remains unclear whether this applies to a global launch date or the U.S. alone, but the announcement has certainly raised excitement level in this particular market. After all, we have already seen Sony and Samsung compete to challenge the Omnipotence of the Apple watch, while established brand Casio are also expected to release their own unique model and add further depth to the market in 2016.


The Huawei model deserves its place on this stellar list, however, thanks primarily to its stunning build and willingness to borrow from classic timepieces. We can expect Casio’s smartwatch to follow a similar trend, as these brand look to emphasis the watch elements of the device and capture a sleek, times design. Huawei’s smartwatch will incorporate  Android Wear OS inside this enduringly stylish frame, which will feature a circular face and a sleek, metallic finish. There will also be a 1.4 inch AMOLED display, which boasts a 400 x 400 resolution, 286ppi and a 10,000:1 high contrast ratio.

According to recent reports, UK Internet retailers such as MobileFun have already begun to take pre-orders for the device. It is priced at a relatively competitive £300, although this places it in direct competition with the base Apple Watch variant. This is a brave move by the brand, especially considering that it lacks the appeal and lustre of Apple.

The device will also need to compete on functionality and usage, rather than mere design aesthetics. After all, the Apple Watch has incredible fitness metrics and is easy to use, while it is also possible for owners to access freecasinogames through the interface. This is a key battle for Huawei to win, as many other brands have struggled to compete with the depth and purpose of the already iconic Apple watch.

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