I don’t know what it is but I’ve never liked the stock apps that come in phones. I replace almost everything I can. There are a lot of amazing apps that provide way more features than the stock apps – we’ve got PowerAmp for music, MX Player for videos, Camera Zoom FX for camera, AirCal for calculater, Sunrise for calendar, QuickPic for gallery, etc.


Quickpic is amazing. With the features like support for online photo services, Samba sharing, and amazing photo management options, it is still my favorite third-party gallery replacement app. But it never hurts to try something new for a change. That’s why I gave Piktures a shot, and totally loved it. Not enough to replace QuickPic with it. But I will recommend Piktures to you if you don’t need features like cloud photos and samba sharing; and want a complete local photo viewing and management app.

Piktures is extremely beautiful and that’s the first thing you’ll notice after launching the app. In fact, the most beautiful gallery replacement app. After launching the app, you’ll see all the photos and videos available in your phone. If you have a lot of folders containing photos, one of them will be available on the main screen.

On the top of the main screen, there is a header photo which indicates which folder you are currently viewing and shows a blurred image from that folder. Header photo has parallax effect. Clicking it lets you change the header photo, change the name of the folder, configure the grids of the folder, hide the folder, and sort the photos.

Swipe to the right to access the sidebar with quick links to all the folders containing photos. So you can access any folder in just two touches. The pencil icon (edit button) on the top of the sidebar lets you hide and unhide the folders. Swipe left to access another sidebar. On this sidebar you can filter what is shown. You can choose to show just photos, just videos or both. You can also choose photos/videos from the location they were taken.

If you are in the app and want to access camera, you can do that by touching the floating camera button which is available on the main screen.

The action bar on the top has a batch operation button, calendar view button, and settings button.
Selecting the tick icon allows you to select photos/videos from the current view and then select to either share, move to trash or create an album from those selected photos. Calendar view lets you see photos/videos taken on a particular date of a month. Three vertical dots lets you access the app settings.

In my opinion Piktures is a worthy replacement for the stock gallery app, as it offers some neat features, manages to maintain simplicity and perfectly fits to Android 5.0. Let me know in the comments below about your thoughts on this nice app.

Piktures - Beautiful Gallery Price: Free

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