If you are like me and you don’t like the Google Photos application and then the Google+ application that comes with it, you will have to look at some alternatives. The Google Play store is full of such apps, but to find a good one, which should be visually appealing, especially now when material design is expected everywhere, and at the same time useful, the number degrades drastically. One could almost think that, this makes it a very good time to launch a useful and material designed gallery application like Piktures is, doesn’t it?

So for starters, the thing I like the most is it’s simplicity. Swipe left to select folders which you can organize as you wish and swipe right to cycle through filters, like media type or location. You can also sort pictures by date which are displayed in a nice designed calendar view. Folder organization is also taken a step further with the ability to add pictures to favourites, or creating new folders within the app. The files and pictures are then stored under the Pictures folder on your SD card and to keep your data plan in check, you can also resize the images before you send them.

The thing about a good app is always its way of usage. A good planned user experience will always be in front of a bad design and misplaced functionality. Even if the app offers more, it will constantly get in the way and on the end of the day, the user will be looking for something else. This is the case with a lot of apps nowadays. Such issues get in the way of the task the user wants to accomplish on a day to day basis, more than we are aware of.

Apps should always be designed with the intention to offer the user the most quickest way to the goal he has in mind, have especially icons designed so they are always easy to spot no matter the background color and they should put the content always in front of the user, make it the center of his attention. Many apps nowadays got this backwards. But Piktures is not one of them. Beauty and simplicity are speaking for it. And that is why I use it. There is not one unnecessary function displayed on any screen. Plus there is the design which puts it in line with the best.

So, if you are looking for a gallery application with good enough functionality to get you through the day and a design, which makes it a pleasure to use each time you open it, give Piktures a try. It deserves it.

Piktures - Beautiful Gallery Price: Free

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