With the development of new technology and their integration in smartphones the fine-line between computers and mobile devices. I still remember an old Nokia N96  TV commercial that said ‘Is this what computers have become?”. At that time it was really like building a castle in the air to compare a mobile phone to powerful computers. But the scenario has changed so drastically since then and modern smartphones have really become mini-computers that we can carry with us.

One of the features that makes our phones similar to computers is its multitasking abilities. The idea of multitasking has been there for quite some time but it became a desirable trend with the introduction of the Multi-window sidebar that we saw in action for the first time in Galaxy Note 2. Taking inspiration from that our developers have come up with a number of sidebar apps for Android phones. Apps like Smart Taskbar, Glovebox, Side Panel are just some fine examples that show the pace of progress in the direction of multitasking.

Another nice and deserving addition to the apps that have been designed in view of enriching multitasking experience on Android devices is the Smart Taskbar app that consists of two main components: a sidebar and a floating quick setting window. As we are already familiar with sidebar apps, there is nothing that special about this apps too. One thing that I noticed, however, was the responsive quality of the sidebar that I believe to be better than most apps in its category. By tapping the plus icon at the sidebar you can add your favorite apps and settings toggles.


The feature that gives Smart Taskbar an extra edge over other sidebar apps is the floating quick settings window. It’s a very handy way to access all frequently use settings toggle without having to stretch fingers to the status bar to access the quick settings toggle. It’s a great pain especially for those who have a phone with 4-inch-plus displays. OneQuick makes this job so easy! You just tab a semi-transparent button to launch a popup window that contains all those settings toggles you might want.

Smart Taskbar is really one good app that makes access to your desired apps and settings very easy. It has a nice UI that looks beautiful and most of all, it works flawlessly especially after the recent update and bug fixes. It is available for free but has a premium feel. The app is also compatible with tablet devices and can be installed on all devices with Android 2.1 or higher. Try it once and you will like it.

Smart Taskbar 1 (V1) Price: Free

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