If you are an avid user of custom ROMs on your rooted device then I’m pretty sure you have heard of or might have even tried OmniROM on your phone. Well, there’s good news! After a long break, Omni ROM is back with the 5.1.1! The makers have spent a long time perfecting their code and now that they feel satisfied by the look and feel, they have started pushing out nightly updates.

OmniROM was one of the biggest names in the custom ROMs scene and anyone who was a keen user of custom ROMs would be very excited about this release. One of the main advantages that the developers of the OmniROM offer is a near stock user experience, so if you have a liking for using stock or AOSP based custom ROMs then you should most definitely give this a try.

Along with the stock experience, the initial OmniROM builds were feature filled and a lot of these features have been carried over to the current versions as well. Features such as:

  • Omni Switch: A highly customizable multitasking app switcher launched by swiping towards the center of the screen from a blue hotspot.
  • Hotword Customization: You have heard of the always listening of the Google Launcher and by saying the ‘OK Google’ hotword to start the Google search app from anywhere, well OmniROM allows you to customize that hotword to have it respond it to any shortcut or feature of your choice.
  • Multi Window – A similar take on Samsung’s multi-window multitasking feature, this allows you to open and operate 2 or more applications side-by-side.

And much more!

As mentioned these are nightlies, which means there will be a new build released everyday with newer features for developers and users to try out and report with any bugs. Repeated user feedback allows the developers to iron out all the bugs and provide their fixes in the subsequent build updates. This will continue until the developers are confident enough that they have met the requirements to release a stable version.

For now, only a few devices are eligible for the nightly updates. Head on over to the OmniROM official site for downloads and more info, or grab them directly from the links given below.

Downloads for OmniROM Nightlies

Flashing Instructions

The developers at OmniROM have urged that if you were previously on an unofficial or homemade build, you will need to perform a clean flash/wipe data when moving to nightly builds, or you will end up in a boot loop.

As for other devices keep checking their device status wiki page for the latest updates and for any other queries let us know in the comments sections below.

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