One of the most rumored and talked-about custom ROM, its called OmniROM. The idea behind this very ROM was put forth during the Android BBQ 2013 by the very famous and sound developers XpLoDWilD, Chainfire & Dees_Troy. As per the team members itself, OmniROM is innovation, freedom, transparency, community and new features. Omni is all about the Android community coming together as one, regardless of what your are tagged in the community, a developer who has been developing since years or months or days, a contributor who has been helping members around and guiding them to the true path or even a user who is making use of the custom stuff, everyone is welcome to join in and involve themselves in the development. All credits to the team and its members who have initiated such a unique program where everyone gets a chance to count themselves in. Its also the first ROM to offer actual multi-window support.

Earlier when the sources were published and the project took its first step, most of the devs got their hands on and started building, so in turn we had many ports. Its time, that the team has finally decided to release official nightlies. For now the supported device list holds on 19 devices and counting.

What Do You Expect

Stability: Something that every user seeks, least amount of bugs with more usability and battery life. Stability is one of the reasons why people prefer a stock ROM, but Omni has its own specialization in providing stability.

Performance: who doesn’t want a fast phone? A phone that flies, Omni grants its user with a real fast interface and is least bloated with overloaded stuff, which prevents consumption of useless RAM and lags.

Battery life: One of the most incorporated features of KitKat is efficient and optimized usage of RAM. A better usage means more battery life.

Features: Taking a look around, we see a bunch of ROMs, some offering too many, while others too less but since we’re talking about uniqueness, Omni promises its users with features that are essential and many more which hold an irreplaceable place and can be put to use more often.

New Features!

Just a couple of days earlier the Omni team announced some really different and cool features and here are they listed.

DSP Manager Enhancements: DSP manager has been put to use since a long time, developed by CyanogenMod community. Some new and unique additions have been made alongside for Center frequency (Bass Boost) and Stereo widening.

Active Display: An amazing feature, which is often put to use by users. Just install the ROM and take a look, you will definitely love this.

Non-Intrusive Call Notification: Why go full screen while receiving a call, you will now simply get a new incoming call pop up window displaying the contact’s name, contact picture, accept and decline buttons, it does make it simpler and clean, doesn’t it?

Afterall there is a complete bunch of minor and many inside enhancements that might not be available to the visible eyes, but definitely will make you feel different, a bit more Omni.

Officially supported devices include Oppo Find 5, Oppo N1, Nexus 5, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 2012, Nexus 7 2013, Galaxy SII I900G, Galaxy SII I777, Galaxy Note II GSM, Galaxy Note II T-Mobile, Galaxy Note II AT&T, Galaxy SIII, Galaxy SIII 4G + LTE, HTC One GSM, HTC One AT&T, Galaxy Note & Nexus 7 GSM.


Download And Install

  1. Download the latest nightly package for your device: Click Here
  2. Download the GApps package: Click Here
  3. Connect your device to PC via USB cable
  4. Transfer the ROM zip and GApps zip packages to your device’s storage under a suitable location.
  5. Open a new CMD window and type the following command to boot into recovery mode, else you can also boot your device manually if you already know the drill:
    adb reboot recovery
  6. Your device will boot itself into recovery mode
  7. Wipe the system, data, cache, dalvik cache and boot partitions (Make sure not to wipe your internal storage or you might just lose all your data)
  8. Flash the ROM zip first followed by the GApps package
  9. Once done you can simply reboot your device

That’s all! Easy, right? Now don’t wait, just start using, use something different. Also visit the OmniROM website for more information and regular updates.

Have any queries regarding the ROM or stuck while Installing? Let us know. Kindly forward us your valuable feedback about this ROM.


  1. do the nightlys get OTAs or is that also the stable ones? Also (if they get OTAs) does it matter if I uninstall a system app or will that confuse the OTAs?

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