Owners of the previous Nvidia Shield model were a little bit disappointed as the last update did not upgrade their operating systems to Android 7.0 Nougat. The 2017 received the update but now fans can smile a bit because the older model received the update as well.

The brand new Nvidia Shield (2017) has been updated to Android Nougat and a whole pack of interesting features and improvement was added in order to improve the user’s experience. Speaking of experience, the Shield Experience 5.0 has brought a lot of new features to the table such as Amazon Video support, a new games app and some improvements to GeForce Now performance.

When it comes to the integration of Amazon Video onto the Nvidia Shield, those who subscribed to Amazon Prime will now be able to binge watch Amazon TV shows and a wide array of movies, all of them in 4K quality. The new games app is more refined and user-friendly and players are now able to find a lot of GeForce NOW specific games as well as games for Android and those only available for NVIDIA GameStream.

Not only did the Shield hub get completely replaced in favor of NVIDIA GameStream but some differences are noted in the app’s display such as home screen titles will display installed games in a row on the home screen. Nvidia developers stated that this respective update will take place in a staged rollout and users should expect it to arrive within the next couple of weeks.

Performance wise, Nvidia claims that on-demand PC games can now be played at the same performance levels a GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card offers in a cloud-based system and that is all due to the 5.0 update. GameStream has also received an important update and those who only wish for their content to be viewed in 4K HDR will be in for a treat. They also promise an overall smoother experience and latency which has almost to no latency.

Other improvements include the likes of a new settings menu, a Pause/Play function on the Shield remote which is accessed by double tapping the volume slider as well as the ability to cast HBO GO.

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