Alright, so I made this guide because I myself had problems finding the required files and upgrading to Marshmallow. So here you have it a step by step guide on Unlocking the Bootloader to Unbricking and Upgrading to Marshmallow. This guide covers it all.


This guide is dedicated to the P8 lite ALE-L21. If you have a different phone model stop reading. This is tested by me so there should be no problems if you do everything right. I will not be responsible for destroying your phone. This will void your warranty. This is gonna take a lot of time, so have patience.

So Let’s Get Started

Things You Need

Firmwares You Need

Unlock the Bootloader

Well first things first let’s unlock the bootloader

Step 1: Go to this site. Accept the agreement and make a profile.

Step 2: Fill the form and you’ll have your code in a couple secs. If you get some weird error telling you to wait 14 days well you need to wait then and then fill the form again.

Step 3: Let’s assume you have the code save it somewhere safe.

Step 4: Connect your device to your pc

Step 5: Go to the folder where you extracted minimal adb and fastboot and run maf32.exe

Step 6: Type adb devices. It should ask for permissions on your device. Grant them. Make sure to check always allow from this pc.

Step 7: Type the following command:

adb reboot bootloader

Step 8: Wait until Windows install the driver and then type:

fastboot oem unlock xxxxxxxxxxxxx

(where x is your unlock code)

Voila! You have successfully unlocked your bootloader

Changing Region or Unbricking your Phone

This is a necessary step which changes the region of your phone so we can install marshmallow. Can also Unbrick your phone.

Remember the Firmware 1. We’re gonna need that.

Step 1: Extract it to your desired folder.

Step 2: Connect your phone in Fastboot and run the “Flash all” script.

Step 3: Let the script run and that once done boot your phone. Well before you go into panic mode there is a fix for your sim not being detected. Remember the Balong Fix. Extract that and you’ll get a “dload” folder that contains an file

Step 4: Put the folder with the file in it on your sd card or internal memory.

Step 5: Go to “Settings -> Update”.

Step 6: Press the menu (at the bottom you will see 3 lines, that’s the menu).

Step 7: Choose “Local update”.

Step 8: Select “UPDATE.APP”.

Step 9: Press “Install”

Now you are 2 firmwares away from enjoying Marshmallow.

Update to B170

Download B170 file and extract it. You’ll get another “dload” folder with

Follow Step 4 to 9 

Upgrade to Marshmallow

Extract the Marshmallow firmware and guess what you get another “dload” folder with

I guess by this point you already know what I’m gonna say next.

Follow Step 4 to 9.

Yep, that’s it all that hard work pulled off and you now have marshmallow.Enjoy.

If you happen to get OTA’s download and install them on your phone when you feel like it.

Having issues? Contact us and we’ll be happy to solve them.


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