When Google announced the last month that the next version of Android will be code-named Kitkat, the company only hinted that the upgraded version would focus on making Android simpler and more feature-rich. We had no idea about how the new Kitkat user interface would look like until we saw some leaked images of Kitkat running on the Nexus 5 the last week. Besides various new things under device settings, we also noticed some new icons for app drawer, Google Now, Phone and Google Settings.

Well, the Nexus 5 has not been launched yet, nor we have a leaked system dump, so we do not have real goodies from the device now. As we expected, some enthusiasts have been busy with mocking up the Kitkat preview wallpaper and new icons based on the leaked Nexus 5 pictures. If you spend a little time on Google, you might find various renderings on the official wallpapers. We have ransacked (not literally) the web to gather together all available background mock-ups in various styles to share with our users.

nexus 5 wallpapers



The credit for creating and sharing these wallpapers and the icon mock-ups goes to ALESSIO94x from XDAKuci_06 over Reddit, Rafa Sandoval at Google+ and others. You can download the wallpapers and icons from our links below. Grab them now and start enjoying the wisp of the upcoming Nexus experience!


Download Wallpapers Here

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