PigTEL is one of the most active figures from MIUI China when it comes to making themes for MIUI V4. Xperia themes for MIUI and now he is again in action with his latest Android Jelly Bean style theme called “MyICS v1.1”. The whole theme is dressed up with blue text and images and thus it looks closer to ICS than Jelly Bean. The theme features a pretty nice imitation of the JB lockscreen theme that has originally been designed by Fodi and modified by Abqnm and Cgvelmax. The lockscreen gives you time, date, battery and weather temperature info. However, you need to install Genie Weather app to get the weather info on the LS.

The original theme was in Chinese, especially the LS. So I have modified/translated it in English for you. All credits to the original author. Just download and copy the mtz to MIUI/Themes folder and apply directly from File Manager or Theme Manager app.



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