Here is a beautiful theme for Meizu MX M9 fans. It was one of the most loved themes for MIUI GB, and now has been ported to MIUI V4 by a Chinese modder 16Gi9000.

In fact, it is not a perfect MX M9 theme because the author has mixed some elements from the iPhone theme, especially in Phone, Contacts and Messaging interfaces.

The theme looks pretty nice. In the original version, there was the use of Chinese almost everywhere. I, therefore, modded it heavily before posting it. Now the theme is completely in English with no trace of Chinese anywhere. All credits to the original maker for giving us a good theme.



  1. still has chinese caharacters on lockscreen i.e is month display is in chinese..check screenshot for the same…also can it be modded to show the weather like ur mx revamped LS theme…thanks

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